Inifresi Images

I wanted to dedicate part of the website to the Inifresi book by Dr. Dungca. 

Over a year ago I had the honor and privilege to illustrate Dr. Dungca’s words into a children’s book which is apart of a Song Book Series for UOG press; 

I “Inifresi” 

I’ve learned through the process of illustrating her words, that  Dr. Dungca was “a force to be reckoned with”. Although I’ve never met her, I feel like I have been introduced to her and I feel like I know pieces of her heart through her words; it was only appropriate that I do the same with my images. 

“I mås takhalom gi kurason-hu” 

I let Dr. Dungca’s beautiful words guide my thoughts and heart while creating these illustrations. I prayed that I was able to create images that Dr. Dungca would approve and be proud of. I hoped that the book would be a book our children would be proud of. 

When opening up a children’s book, it is rare to see surroundings our kids are familiar with. It is rare to see characters with their beautiful brown skin tone. It is rare to read a book so lovingly and poetically written in their ancestors language. Because of this, I felt it was very important for me to create characters our children can identify with.  

I wanted our kids to see themselves in a book written by a powerful and amazing author. I hope by doing this it would inspire and empower todu i Famagu’on-ta. 


ginen Guinaiya 

Bula Guinaiya was put into this book…from Dr. Dungca’s words, to the images, to the people behind the scenes at UOG press putting the book together.


si Yu’os ma’åse’