Si Yu'os Ma'åse' for all your love and support! I am extremely grateful for all of you!

In order to become more accessible to you, i am working with a few local businesses who have kindly opened their shops | shelves to me. It is at these locations you will find a selection of signed prints, cards, and printed textiles. 

Faith Bookstore in Hagatna is a non-profit that has been around for many years serving our community. Everything they do is for our community and ministry. They carry my backpacks, cards, dikike' cards, and some prints. 
Vidalocal in Agana Shopping Center is a woman-owned business. Nara, the owner and maker, creates her own beautiful one-of-a-kind handmade jewelry. Nara showcases other local makers and artists in her shop as well. Nara carries my cards, dikike' cards, and prints. 
UOG Guam Green Growth at CHamoru Village is a wonderful source for sustainable solutions and product inspiration in Guåhan's efforts in Green Economy. They carry my more eco-friendly products from organic cotton.  Products I strive to create more of in the future; my handprinted totes, toiletry bags, and tea towels. As well as some cards and prints. 
i i am ..........
i am extremely honored to share space with these amazing and talented local artists and writers in these publications; 
UOG Press
Kinalamten Gi Pasifiku
Storyboard 17
Storyboard 18 (Piece and Poem)
CHamoru Legends (Sirena and collaboration of the Flame Tree legend)
Storyboard 19

MCCA Plant-based Cook Book: Cover and inserts: Fanggái'ase'


I am always wanting to (and always will) support our local makers, especially our women makers. So honored to have
collaborated with these AMAZING women and these WONDERFUL local businesses where everything is handmade with love. 
If you can, Please check out their small businesses or follow them on social media.
Nichol, from For Mila With Love
Jessica, from Halia and Jade
Omi, from Cutie Patunias 
if you would like to collaborate with me, please ‘contact’ me :) 
KUAM story; Culture Club  
KUAM podcast: Fist Full of Talent on Spotify
PIKA's restaurant in Upper Tumon. I truly appreciate everything you do wanting to showcase local artists and give them a chance to display their art. 
my “Lemmai Lady” belongs to Pika and is now on display in Maite Payless. 
Serena Sirena local handmade organic skincare products
showcases some of my pieces on her labels.
Chief Hurao Academy 
Displays my piece entitled, "Hope | Faith".  In sen agradesi Hurao. 
Digital Work
Asiga Logo 2021. (Huge HUGE fan of this Coffee/plant based scoop shop. Their latiya icecream (period). Check them out behind Oka Payless).
UOG Center for Island Sustainability Conference Logo 2021. (Huge fan of their work, as well 🤗 and the good they are doing for our community). 
Mural (2023) Asiga
I can proudly say that I've done my first mural collaboration!! Ana who is the owner of Asiga is also an amazing artist.  She painted the Chichirika part of the mural and i just love how our styles complimented eachother on this project.
Such amazing people at Asiga. It was just a wonderful first time mural experience. They have been so supportive wanting to support local women artists. I can't thank them enough. Please check out the mural while drinking their delicious coffee or eating their delicious sweets! 
i am extremely grateful to have had these opportunities to share my heART and grateful for all of you who continue to show your support!