I was told to Share my Heart. So, this is my only goal. 

One of the memories I have from when I was little was watching my mom pay for all the kids ice-cream in my neighborhood when the ice-cream truck came by. As a little kid, I thought "we can't afford to buy everyone's icecream...why is she doing that? but as i got older, I understood. 

My mom's selflessness stuck with me my entire life. Through this simple action I learned that, if you have....give. 

Give from your heart.

and when the time is right, it will come back to you. 




I hope to give back to the community that raised me by donating portions of profits from my art to various organizations throughout Guam. 


So far, I am happy to announce that through your support, I have been able to donate to 


Sagan Kutturan Chamoru