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Travel Bag

Travel Bag

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Artist description: 


Or breadfruit; my favorite food/fruit. 

I believe this fruit is beautiful in many ways.

but I especially love how this fruit is so giving and just wants to feed and norish us. To me, lemmai represents sustainability. A gift that will continue to give for generations to come. 



Endemic to Guåhan. 

To me, this unique beautiful flower symbolizes simplicity and strength. 



Is a traditional åmot (medicinal) plant. To me, this image represents 'healing'. 


for your custom design, please email me at to confirm design.


You may find a variety of these textiles at Guam Green Growth Makerspace in CHamoru Village.  

Product description: 


Hand-carved image and hand-printed by artist.

Original Lemmai Design on Organic Cotton.

Premium heavyweight fabric. Zippered closure. Multi-purpose use.

Size guide (capacity)/(dimensions): 

1.3gal / 8.8 x 9x4in.

Washing Instructions: Sponge clean only.


Orders shipped off-island:
Standard shipping applies.
7 -10 business days.
Orders to be delivered on Guam: free delivery! 
Email me to set up a 'meet-up'/ delivery time upon purchase. 
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